The Green Guesthouse project, was born in late 2012 with the aim of creating an eco-friendly structure able to offer its customers a location simple, attentive to the needs of all and above all environmentally friendly. Our goal is to engage customers in a responsible management of natural resources that are not absolutely inexhaustible and help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, trying in our small way, to contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse gas. We have installed a photovoltaic system on our roof, which allows us to produce all the energy needed to run for the entire year eletroniche equipment , air conditioning systems , water heating , etc.. The surplus energy will be tranfer in the electrical network system and will be used by other people. The lighting use a low energy technology or LED, we recover the rainwater runoff from the roof into two large tanks and it will be reuse for the garden during drought periods . We can manage and monitoring temperatures constantly in order to ensure maximum comfort with minimal resource consumption.
Handle things in an environmentally friendly manner , very often does not mean to deprive yourself of something, indeed ! We try to offer customers noistri everything you need for a relaxing , enjoyable and hopefully memorable . We select suppliers based not only on product quality but also in terms of environmental policies they adopt.
Every day we try to improve, thanks to your advice.